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At Scanlaser we understand that every one of our customers has individual needs. And that's exactly where we excel – working in partnership with you to create complete solutions backed up with dependable service and support.

Our 25-year pedigree of continuous improvement has lead to Scanlaser's success throughout Europe, working tirelessly to deliver world-class solutions, from initial consultation to round-the-clock service.

And because it's not just the system that defines success, but the way it's used, Scanlaser's machine control training sessions help operators maximise their potential and site managers to use resources to their ultimate extent.

Making life easier and reducing costs – isn't that what everyone wants from a service company?

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Working with the best possible support and equipment ensures the best outcome for your business. To help you maximise your benefit and to reduce the downtime we are introducing our Scanlaser Customer Care Packages, CCPs. With a Scanlaser CCP you will keep your machine control solution and construction positioning systems constantly updated and in top condition.

From our experts sales teams to our dependable installation engineers, we are on call to provide you and efficient service whenever you need it, keeping your equipment up to date and fully serviced. With the Scanlaser CCP contract we will do everything we can to ensure you get the best from your investment.

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For sales and service, please contact your local Scanlaser office, or visit www.scanlaser.eu

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