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2D machine control from Scanlaser.
From the moment you step on site in the morning, the advantages are clear. Using machine control for guidance, excavator operators can get to work right away, without waiting for engineers, stakes or string lines.

With 2D, operators are always in complete control of their work. Strategically-positioned sensors relay accurate real-time information to the in-cab control panel, allowing precise positioning of the bucket, and even compensating for the pitch and roll of the machine. The operator can dig the grade accurately and efficiently, guided by lightbar indicators that show the exact position of the bucket.

Reliable, accurate, and backed by our matchless customer service, 2D machine control from Scanlaser can be installed in just a few hours. It's simple to use, and yields significant benefits in cost savings and productivity. And our knowledgeable sales personnel will work with you to ensure you always have the most efficient and cost-effective system for your growing business.

Take Control
2D machine control increase speeds, reduces labour requirements, and enhatnces the quality and accuracy of excavation work.

From trenching, drainage, embankments and slopes through to prep work on major infrastructure projects, Scanlaser machine control will unleash the true potential of your machines.

And thanks to the patented PowerSnap system you can fit or remove the in-cab control box in seconds, using the same control panel on multiple machines and removing the unit at night to prevent theft or vandalism.

Take the next step to increased profitability
Based on an estimated excavator cost of 70 Euro per hour and an 10% increase in efficiency, 2D machine control from Scanlaser could save you more than 18,000 Euro per machine every year.

Save time, save costs
The system makes light work of time-consuming tasks: productivity can more than double and there is no need to stop and check the grade. By making fewer passes, you'll save time, fuel, and wear on the machine. And getting the job right first time means major materials savings, less reworking, and more accurate quoting and estimating.

Stay safe
Our 2D Machine Control solutions help to eliminate the need for grade-checkers and reduce dependency on site surveyors. Reducing the number of people needed on site reduces labour costs and increases safety, with fewer workers in the machine's operating radius.

The 2D system also supports our cable detection sensor, EZiDIG, providing an extra level of protection during excavation projects, and protecting your workforce and equipment by significantly reducing the chance of cable strikes.

Why Machine Control

  • Higher productivity with fewer staff, even in harsh environments.
  • Reduce overdig, save on materials
  • Reliable, rugged and proven sensor technology
  • Simple operation – easy data input
  • Clear multi-colour LCD display
  • Total control of cutting edge with any bucket position
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Less wear on machines

Scanlaser 2D solutions make light work of utility trenching, foundations and embankments on slopes, and provide cost-effective machine control for housing pads, commercial building projects and basic landscape grading projects.

A 2D system from Scanlaser provides the scalability to work with a small excavator on simple groundworks and large excavators on road projects, with or without an attached rotor tilt.

  • Reduces the need for lasers
    - many jobs can be performed without one
  • Operator can control depth of cutting edge, regardless of bucket position
  • Settings easily configured from within the cabin
  • Measurements can be obtained without leaving cabin or waiting for co-workers

Any application where there is a need to bury utilities, control water flow or control the grade. When maintaining slope for drainage for correct flows or proper thickness of material for bedding.

2D machine control system removes the requirement for a grade lasers for grade and depth control and potential the pipelaser for pipe laying.

Basic Ground Work Projects, Commercial Building Sites, Drainage, Utility Trenching, Agricultural Irrigation.


Any basement can be constructed whether you are using a normal or long-reach excavator.

The system indicates the position and orientation of the bucket even when it is under water or out of sight due to depth.

Housing Pads, Water Retention, Residential Site Preparation, Ponds, Underground Car Parks


Any application where slope and height need to be controlled. With a reference point on the top – or down at the bottom - you are guaranteed absolutely consistent surface and height. Any gradient whether single or dual grade with varying profiles can be shaped using the 2D system. Input the profile or slope required into the cab display panel using a known start point or to mirror an existing slope/profile.ntation of the bucket even when it is under water or out of sight due to depth.

Roads Infrastructure, Landscape Grading, Land Levelling, Balance Ponds, Fishing Lakes.

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