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PowerDigger 2D
PowerDigger 2D and PowerSnap Flexible system
  • Remove the 2D control panel overnight to deter theft
  • Install sensors and cables on many machines and then snap the 2D panel in place when you need it - bring flexibility to your fleet management
  • Install base system, then rent control panels for specific projects
  • Use the panel in another machine type e.g. dozer or grader
  • A 2D panel can be used on a 3D machine when carrying out 2D applications. Using the most appropriate panel for every application makes the most efficient use of hardware

At the heart of the Scanlaser 2D system is the multifunctional PowerDigger 2D control box.

The system allows multiple elevation and slopes to be cut without resetting the machine or rotating laser- just enter the required depth and slopes and get digging. The PowerDigger 2D calculates and displays the bucket´s actual position relative to design elevation and slope, allowing you to reach the design grade faster. Information from the sensors is provided straight to the cab, allowing you to create complex designs and profiles quickly and conveniently.

The PowerDigger 2D Control System also features the PowerSnap system, for instant installation and full interchangeability of control boxes between machines.

Moving up
Starting with single grade operation, upgrade to a full dual grade system by adding a rotation and tilt bucket sensor. Or add the 3D control box and GNSS sensors to achieve a highly efficient 3D PowerDigger guidance solution.


Using an excavator one day and a grader the next? Powersnap's snap-on and snap-off capability lets you change from one to another as the job demands. The cradle acts as a docking station so you can transfer a single box between multiple machines, or swap between 2D and 3D. Machine settings, calibrations, and site data are stored in the cradle and the control box.

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Thorssons Schakt is an avid investor in machine control systems from Scanlaser, with four out of its six excavators equipped with the PowerDigger 2D system with dual slope.

According to machine operator Joakim Thorsson:

"PowerDigger is simply outstanding when we work on foundations, saving us time and effort".


The EZiDIG sensor continuously scans the excavation area and alerts the operator to electromagnetic signals from buried metallic services. It uses the same cable detection technology as handheld EZiCAT portable systems, which the market has adopted as an invaluable tool for site pre-scanning.

Cable Detection
  • Integrates fully with the 2D machine control system
  • Mounts directly to the excavator dipper arm with high-strength magnets
  • Real-time warning of hazardous services hidden below ground
  • Reduces costly and dangerous cable strikes
  • Increases machine productivity by reducing downtime
  • Also available as hand-portable EZiCAT locator
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PowerDigger 2D and PowerSnap Add a new dimension

Every 2D system from Scanlaser can be easily upgraded to use a GPS/GNSS sensor, an upgrade that provides a completely stake-less excavating system.

A GPS/GNSS equipped machine is positioned into the project with incredible precision. The operator knows where to work within the design in exact accordance to the plans of the job, allowing them to be even more productive.

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